Report: DPLU Hearing Nov 6

Posted on November 6 2009 by admin

Two Steps Forward One Step Back   —     —     —

As advertised the meeting was the General Plan Staff presenting to the commissioners  and “interested parties” and the community groups presenting afterward.  I will fill in details later.

Of interest is what happens in the hallway.  (isn’t it always that way?)

Maps were posted along the hallway (different looking than any that I have seen before) and there were at times people around to answer questions.  (No badges or identification that these folks were anything other than general public. )  The first time I stopped  a group was talking with Mr. S  from zoning.  Mr. S was explaining that they had no plans to change the zoning in Ocotillo Wells. I was puzzled and mentioned that I was confused by conflicting information from building, zoning, and County Supervisors that I have contacted.  Nope Mr. S was clear that they had no plans to change the zoning out there (moving his hand over Ocotillo Wells.)


After the break I meet another person at the map answering questions for a concerned woman.  This new person explains that the areas in cross hatch on Ocotillo Wells is what is going to be changed and the solid areas are fixed.  Getting clarification on this she says that the areas in cross hatch are what is changed from one of the four maps being considered the area that is solid is the same on all maps being considered.


About then two other gentlemen approach from zoning that are working on the new zoning plan.  So I go over my confusion again with them.  Mr. L explains that no they are not going to change the zoning it will remain RL they are only changing the density.


Stupid me.  I am not asking the right question.

So I ask.

If I have a 10 acre parcel that is a legal lot with correct density zoning and no other conditions on it that would prevent me from building on it today is there anything being considered in the Proposed General Plan or anything that the Proposed General Plan will allow to change that will adversely affect my right to build in the future?

Mr. L says that water could be a constraint but the change in density only affects the right to subdivide in the future .  So we discuss that there is no shortage of water and the the aquifer has not changed where the first water is located at in over 40 years. (According to my neighbor). Mr. L seems surprised.

So I tell him that I have heard versions of this over time from several folks at the County but have never been able to see or be directed to a document or code that will grandfather in our building rights and that is what folks like me are trying to get.  We typically do not care about subdivision rights just maintaining the building rights we have now.

He mentions that there are a lot of folks there asking about Ocotillo Wells.  I pointed out that we are the only community that does not have a Planning group that the commission will hear.  We have not been notified like many others, and we have not been able to get any clear answers to our questions.

He asks for my email.  I provide it to him.

Others during the day brought up the proposed requirement for all weather surfaces needed for roads for fire access prior to issuing a building permit.  Some of the afternoon presenters pointed out the constraint of dual access being required for fire safety.

I will email each of these folks with a request for an unambiguous statement or reference to a code or law that specifies that our current building rights are going to be grandfathered in.

Feels like two steps forward and one step back.  That is still progress.

I will keep posting here.

Thanks for reading.


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