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Good News for Most

Posted on November 13 2009 by admin

After several years of not being successful in getting clear and unambiguous answers about how GP2020 (GPU) will affect my property it seems that if hundreds of concerned landowners call, write, email, and show up at meetings the importance on clarifying things and supplying statements that commit the DPLU gets elevated. Prior to the meeting […]

Top 10 dumb things NEW RURAL LANDOWNERS do

Posted on November 10 2009 by admin

Hey, I was a new owner once also.  So I am not trying to be pompous here just listing the things you will be saying about those newbies in a few years…. 10.  Fail to realize they are the newcomers to an established community. 9.    Fail to understand that your property and your life depend […]

Calling All Easements

Posted on October 1 2009 by admin

Yours Truly has put together a complete set of access easements for several roads in Ocotillo Wells.  Please Please help with the effort.  Several things to know about easements that are often misunderstood. 1. An Easement is not on my deed so one does not exist.  A Deed is a transfer of interest and does […]

Main Street but which one?

Posted on September 8 2009 by admin

There are two Main Streets in Ocotillo Wells.  Just one more thing we are going to have to get together and sort out.  There is the Main Street in Little Borrego that is directly in line with the brick mailbox structure on the east-west section of Split Mountain Road / Kane Springs Road.  It is […]