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I have put up this website for:

  • Eliminating Access Disputes that make Lawyers wealthy and Neighbors enemies

  • Working together to protect our property rights

  • Sharing information on sources of services and materials

One response to “Why?”

  1. Fred Gramcko says:

    Bill, Are you aware that Split Mountain Road is NOT a County road? Last April 2009 I had to hire two arrorneys and call back our surveyor to get the road situation legally cleared up.

    That Easter weekend Evans had his SD Off-Road Enforcement team write dozens of tickets for “riding on a public highway, when these people were riding on the sand sholders. Holly from the Iron Door spoke to Evans and then called me to tell me what an A–H— this Lt. Evans was.

    I spoke to Evans the same day and he told me in no uncertain terms that HE was closing Split Mountain Road to Off-Road vehicles because HE had jurastriction for 40 foot either sife oif the center line of the road. I did not argue, but hired the attorneys and won!.

    Bill, the whole story is too lengthy to write here, so if you are interested in the legal facts, just give me a cll, 676-3811 or stop in our store, Split Mountain Park.
    Best, Fred Gramcko.