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“Doc” Woillard’s Little Miracle Hotel Waited

Posted on September 29 2009 by admin

As the Depression grew on “Doc” Woillard was rumored to be the last man in Little Borrego before he left.  Here he is standing in front of the Little Miracle Hotel in what is now Little Borrego off of Split Mountain Road.  Below is a little flyer selling the lots in Little Borrego back in […]

Flying in

Posted on September 24 2009 by admin

Hey, I just liked the photo.  I drive in and out just like you do. Right behind some slow poke draining his water tank.

GP2020 Claims Stakeholders Input is Over

Posted on September 24 2009 by admin

Did they contact you?  Did they tell you that they want to make your land useless?  Do you think that you are a stakeholder in this process?  What happens after they vote next Fall?  Will they tell you then what they did and claim that you had years to get involved?  Are you going to […]

Main Street but which one?

Posted on September 8 2009 by admin

There are two Main Streets in Ocotillo Wells.  Just one more thing we are going to have to get together and sort out.  There is the Main Street in Little Borrego that is directly in line with the brick mailbox structure on the east-west section of Split Mountain Road / Kane Springs Road.  It is […]