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GP2020 PUBLIC comment dates Nov. 19 &20

Posted on October 29 2009 by admin

To speak email:  with your name, email address, phone number, and community (Ocotillo Wells) for a speaking time now. The enviro nuts are about to get their way and zone Ocotillo Wells out of existence with 40 acre and 160 acre minimums for building! They are doing this as quietly as possible.  Get pissed, […]

Criminally Stupid Water rule!

Posted on October 28 2009 by admin

If you thought it was just about zoning density think again.  There is another back door property grabbing effort underway in the proposed GP2020 plan.  The proposed plan will require each parcel to be able to supply all of it’s water needs through rainfall on the parcel itself as a measure of the ability of […]

Bombs Under Foot?

Posted on October 15 2009 by admin

Is there a bomb on your lot? Tons and tons of bombs and munitions were dropped on Ocotillo Wells back in WWII.  While most of these probally exploded and hopefully they were all near their intended target I personally have seen some very far from the “targets” shown on the maps that are available on […]

Caught in government’s vise: making a “willing seller”

Posted on October 3 2009 by admin

By Henry Lamb web posted May 23, 2005 For years, Jesse James Hardy tried valiantly to avoid the day when the State of Florida would take his 160-acre “patch of heaven,” 30 miles east of Naples. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering studies and legal fees, trying to convince the state that […]

Landowners are Protected from Recreational Use Lawsuits

Posted on October 1 2009 by admin

No matter how stupid Riders and others Recreating on the land are…  See the entire article at the AMERICIAN TRAILS site The CALIFORNIA STATE WEB SITE WITH THE CIVIL CODE SECTION IS HERE Specifically it is: California Civil Code Part 2, Title 3, Chapter 2, OBLIGATIONS OF OWNERS 840 – 848 THE ACTUAL SENATE BILL […]

Calling All Easements

Posted on October 1 2009 by admin

Yours Truly has put together a complete set of access easements for several roads in Ocotillo Wells.  Please Please help with the effort.  Several things to know about easements that are often misunderstood. 1. An Easement is not on my deed so one does not exist.  A Deed is a transfer of interest and does […]